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I heard I can make money with cryptovest how do I do that?

  • Investing in our shares will give you the optimal investment return, as it will give you shares in a cash flow generative business and exposure to a basket of carefully selected cryptocurrencies.

Why should we invest with/in Cryptovest?

  • You should invest because our shares provide an easy no hassle way to obtain exposure to the cryptocurrency space. We also giving you an optimum risk/return exposure due to our shares being EIS and SEIS eligible. We allow you to profit from the blockchain with less risk!

Why is it less risk to invest with you?

  • If you invest by yourself you're likely to just buy a bulk of cryptocurrency and then hold and pray. We carefully pick the cryptocurrencies we believe will outperform the market, we encourage you to invest monthly to reduce the effect of volatility on your investment returns - this smooths out your returns, we deal with all your cryptocurrency storage (optional), and finally we provide you with an income stream by providing liquidity to our broker partners. This combination helps us reduce your risk.

What products does Cryptovest currently have available?

  • Currently you can buy equity in our parent company Bit4me. Any dividends paid will be stored as cryptocurrency in your dashboard. Also, our prototype white label broker site allows you to buy cryptocurrency directly and deposit it in our dashboard. For brokers, we provide liquidity, giving you the power to become a truly professional broker with the support and infrastructure to handle any eventuality.

I want buy shares, but I also want to buy cryptocurrency (bitcoin) directly?

  • We advise you buy the shares because it gives you a compact all in one option. We do however allow you to request to invest in our Crypto Basket which is a mixtures of shares and cryptocurrency. You can also request to purchase cryptocurrency only.

What products will Cryptovest have available in the future?

  • We will be creating a one stop shop for all your blockchain needs - including, but not limited to, exchange, mining, payment,remittance, private broker purchases (Bit4me) consulting services. Why don’t you take a look at our video for more information.

Where can I learn more?

  • To learn more about our business offering click here or watch our video. We also offer free monthly seminars where you can learn more here.

What are the risks?

  • There are risks, please take a look at our risk document. However, one of the biggest risks you face is not investing in us today and waiting till the price of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin skyrocket before you can take advantage of it… think about the opportunity cost.

How do I buy bitcoin? / I want to Invest in bitcoin / Invest in bitcoin monthly.

  • You can order to buy bitcoin monthly once you become a member and start making payments. We do however, advise that you invest in our shares first. Once they are gone, they are gone, and they come linked with cryptocurrency exposure.

I have a business. I want to accept payments in crypto currency. Can you help?

  • Yes please contact us, and we will set you up with a wallet address linked to the CVFS dashboard.

How do I buy shares in Cryptovest?

  • You can buy shares directly from us monthly. As our firm is eligible for EIS and SEIS, this is the lowest risk way to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency space. Just sign up and set up a standing order to be put into an investment package following the instructions on the dashboard.

Do you pay dividends?

  • Yes, we pay dividends quarterly as a portion of our profits from liquidity provisioning. Dividends may be infrequent until we raise at least our first round of funding.

Where are you based?

  • All over the world. We have people supporting the project from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Dubai, Russia and even St. Vincent. Our co-founders are based in Finland, France, the USA, and London. When we complete our fund raise, everyone will to move to London.

Can you explain the business model to me?

  • You can watch our video to get a detailed explanation, or read our executive summary. But in short, we provide IT infrastructure & liquidity to cryptocurrency brokers.

Why are you raising funds?

  • We are raising funds because we want to create a business that takes customers through the entire journey of owning cryptocurrencies. From purchase, education, safe storage, income generation, joining the community, and ultimately spending the cryptocurrencies they own.

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