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What is your current employment situation?
I'm a student
I'm a full-time employee
I'm Self-employed
How many years of investment experience do you have?
Less than 1
Have you invested in a start-up before?
What’s your age group?
< 20
Have you ever made a Bitcoin based investment before?
Do you feel like you have a clear understanding of the risks involved with a bitcoin investment?
What category would you say best describes your investment goals? (Check all that apply)
Low risk (I am willing to accept lower returns to minimize the risk of losing any money)
Medium risk (I want moderate returns but don't want to be exposed to very high levels of risk)
High Risk (I want the highest returns and I am comfortable with the risks)
What is the highest rate of interest you currently receive on your savings


Which of the following have you invested in before?
I have a pension
I have invested in equities
I have made speculative trades using derivatives (spread betting, CFD's)
I have invested in bonds
I have invested in alternatives like land, gold, wine & stamps
I have invested in real estate
How long do you want to hold your investment in CVFS?
Short term (6 months - 1 year)
Medium term (1-3 years)
Long term (3 years plus)
Which of the following interests you? (Find out more here)
Investing in the CVFS Crypto Basket to obtain optimal exposure to bitcoin & cryptocurrencies while minimising your risk
Selecting you own cryptocurrencies for investment directly
Have you ever attended a CVFS event?
What amount of capital are you comfortable investing in the cryptocurrency space at the moment?






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