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Cryptovest & Bit4me

Imagine for a moment that you are a crypto currency broker. What would happen if during the day you had more customers than planned, and you ran out of reserves? You would have to turn down business & lose customers. We think there is a better way... In the traditional financial system you could just borrow the funds from a bank or specifically, from a prime brokerage; but, in the blockchain space no such service exists for crypto currency brokers ... until now.

Recent news and updates

(29/06/2016) - New monthly event space secured (1/1/2017) - Dashboard up and running

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CVFS is raising £400,000 in first round seed capital to kick start our company and build the technology behind the platform. We will create a stable business bringing in dependable revenues; and, highlight an uncorrelated asset that brings with it multiple opportunities for excessive returns. Perks to pre-crowdfunding investors include accounts preloaded with cryptocurrency, reduced fees, and bonus shares. For more information please contact us.

It is now possible to invest in Bitcoin monthly via our SEIS eligible shares

To find out about the benefits of being an early adopter and additional perks available, please contact us for more information.

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