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cryptovest investment products

Join us today to obtain exposure to the blockchain by investing in our CVFS shares, or in our Crypto basket.

Investing in our business model gives you controlled exposure to blockchain based cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have proved to be an imperative source of non-correlated returns and diversification.

This new asset class does however present unique risks, our CVFS shares were created to provide investors with a safer and less volatile blockchain investment option.

Watch our business introductory video.

  • Shares

    For a limited time you can buy CVFS Shares which give you ownership of our business, a crypto income stream, low risk exposure to crypto currencies and additional benefits across our platform as it develops.

  • Crypto Basket

    Our crypto basket gives you a split 50/50 between the shares above & bitcoin and is our main crypto product. When you invest in us your account is loaded with carefully selected crypto currencies matching our portfolio split.

Investment Breakdown

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